Fangbite is a sword toting do whatever he wants kinda guy. This attitude was only enhanced when he was granted the ability to change into the tiger form. Fangbite's only goal in life is to defeat Ande who killed his parents years ago.

Fangbite's tiger form is potent against his foes giving him extra strength, speed, agility and other powers. In this form he still likes to use his sword, but as he learns its powers, he begins to utilize them instead.

Mighty Mai is a short girl with a bad attitude. She makes up for her small size in her determination and sheer ferocity in combat, taking dire offense to any short jokes pointed her way. Mai teams up with Twiddle Boy and any other heros she can find in order to protect the world from evil.

Twiddle Boy is a computer nerd gone super hero. Although he doesn't show any remarkable abilities his expertise with a two button mouse and his keyboard enable him to crush opponents or order pizza online. It is said that Twiddle Boy can hack into anything, but not until his keyboard is fixed.

Vichy is an airhead with a passion for art. She aquired from her great grandfather a magic paintbrush which enables her to paint over reality to bring her vision into reality. It is certain that if it wasn't for her soapdish IQ level, she would be a formitable enemy to anyone who dared opose her.


Mr. Bob is just an average guy. He wears a suit, sunglasses and enjoys a good fat joke. However he is made dangerous by his mysterious ability to replicate himself by taking over another's body. Mr. Bob is a simple man only wanting to bring order to the chaotic existence the world is currently in.

Ande is a rough tough guy, who at first glance looks fat and worthless. However, he is quite strong, and has demonstrated this by doing various things like folding buses and pushing down tall buildings. Fangbite has a vendetta against Ande for killing his parents, but Ande is too busy trying to take over the world to care.

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